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Did this at 1 am on Sunday night after getting a little too excited from watching this. A solid waste of 10 minutes.

Bradley Cooper

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is the Megan Fox of actors.

Jay-Z ‘Decoded’

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The most recent book I’ve dipped into is Jay-Z’s memoir Decoded. The book is beautifully designed, with tons of great rare photos. Definitely worth checking out if you’re at all interested with hip hop culture.

Taking Advantage

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Today, the hook on the back of my door broke off. I used it mostly for towels and it was very helpful. It was a cheap piece of plastic with some adhesive material on the back. It doesn’t sound like much but it has already started to create a bunch of problems within the living system of my room. It got me thinking about the smallest things we take advantage of that make life so much smoother. Toilet paper roll holders? Clothes hangers? Aluminum foil? And just about anything Swiffer makes. Either way, as important as the internet and 3d television is these small things are the objects that keep us moving along every day.

A very cool documentary we watched a while ago in class is Objectified. It’s insane how much thought goes into simple objects, and how some are just so horribly designed. If you have Netflix check it out here.

Back to the Fut- uhm….

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Topic #35 for the post a day challenge:
When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?

Whenever the word teleportation comes into play I immediately think of the outstanding film Back to the Future. I wouldn’t like to go to the future, then come back to current day and know everything that is about to happen. Even if it means I could be the most powerful man alive. However, I do have a couple of interesting ideas.

1. The first place that comes to mind would be anywhere in the world during the late 60’s. Much like Marty McFly, I’d be able to see my parents as kids, I’d love to be able to just follow them around for a while and see what they were like, where they’d hangout etc. Another reason for this would be to experience the most electrifying time in the world for music. The rock n roll era. A Led Zeppelin concert is something I’d need to experience. Just to witness what everything was like 40 years ago would be great, baseball games, movies, how cities have changed over time.

2. I’d like to thank my roommate for giving me this next idea as we were chatting about the subject. It’s on somewhat of a larger scale. I would buy an iPad, and go directly back to either the Romans at the height of their empire or back further to Egypt and show off the technology. Now, this would be quite a struggle as I could get killed instantly but if I was able to show them how a device like this could change their life I would soon be hailed king. I would have to start easy, trying to explain stuff like the calculator function and move my way up to the App Store. Eventually, we’d set up a system to understand each other and I would change the way they built pyramids. Not to mention it would be pretty cool to be part of that time period.

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