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Is such an underrated film. Sure it’s not as perfect as Pulp Fiction, but Tarantino doesn’t get enough respect for this one. QT makes L.A. seem so cool and funny with his amazing story, dialogue and characters.
Who’s with me?

Spike does it Right

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I had the privilege of seeing Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing last night, and I was absolutely blown away. It was the first time I had seen it, and it’s already one of my favourite films. I’m not too crazy about some of Spike’s stuff, but this thing was great. It had such a different style to it that made it so great to watch, like seeing Pulp Fiction for the first time.

If you’re unaware of the film, it’s set in a black neighbourhood in Brooklyn, on the hottest day of the summer. It follows a pizza delivery boy named Mookie (played terrifically by Lee) who is in the middle of all the action as tempers flare. This film has some great characters, everyone of them are so detailed and interesting. I watched the first 40 minutes through just so glued to what was happening and I totally forgot I was watching a movie. Lee creates such a realistic feel to immerse you into the community and you become deeply attached to it.

Much of this film felt to me as if I was watching a live play in a theater. The script moves smoothly and it is filled with small monologues and out of character moments like a play.

What made this film great was it’s intense depiction of racial violence and the anger in the town. The climax of the film is quite a shock and even frightening. It forces you to ask yourself questions and the most important question of all: did Mookie do the right thing?

5/5 – A must-watch


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The other night I watched Cast Away for the first time since I was about 11 or 12. This is the first film I remember seeing that moved me. Definitely a forgotten source of inspiration for me. It’s one of the most terrifying yet simple and beautiful movies ever made. Tom Hanks is perfect in this role, going from the nice 9-5 FedEx worker to losing his mind after being alone for 4 years.

Anyone else have any movies that stuck with them since they were a kid?

Golden Statue Picks

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Award season. Studios push and push and engulf us in last minute advertisements everywhere so we can get some hype going for their little movie, and they can walk away with a prestigious gold man. Just for the record, I HATE award shows. The sad thing is that I find myself watching them whenever they’re on. The Golden Globes are ridiculous, rigged and a waste of time and money but the Academy Awards do actually prove something. There’s big money behind it and of course, bragging rights for life if you win.

There’s controversy- Did Christopher Nolan get really snubbed again? Can an animated movie (Toy Story) win Best Picture? Didn’t Mila Kunis deserve a supporting actress nod? Can Jeff Bridges upset Colin Firth and go for the repeat? Who knows. All I can do is offer up is these predictions.

Please comment! I’d like to hear you’re opinions on this years movies and what you think of award shows!

Best Music (Original Score)

The Social Network (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) –Been absolutely addicted to the score recently. Genius work. It’s tough to say no to the legendary Hans Zimmer (who scored Inception) but these guys deserve it.

Visual Effects
Inception – A weak category I care little about, the atrocious Alice in Wonderland puts up a little fight, but there’s no topping Nolan’s anti gravity sequences and all the other chaos.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay was fast, furious and beautiful to watch unfold. No-brainer.

Writing (Original Screenplay)
The King’s Speech – Inception is the dark horse here.

Film Editing
127 Hours – The best use of editing I’ve seen in a while.

Black Swan – Hope I’m right here. Frantic and terrifyingly shot. I’ll be angry if Inception steals it.

Animated Feature
Toy Story 3 – No contest. The best animated film I’ve ever seen. Flawless.

Supporting Actress
Helena Bonham Carter (The King’s Speech) – Though Melissa Leo has a Golden Globe win and a lot of momentum going into it, Bonham Carter wins this one. Shout out to Hailee Steinfeld who did a great job.

Supporting Actor

Christian Bale (The Fighter) – In my opinion, Bale’s best performance to date. Convincing, funny and down right scary at times.

Actress in Leading Role
Natalie Portman (Black Swan) – ….No one was really questioning this one were they? Glad to see her win, she has talent.

Actor in Leading Role
Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) – Such a tough field to choose from. Bridges, Eisenberg and Franco all nailed it in their performances, this one goes to Firth though. I have yet to see ‘Biutiful’ but I believe Javier Bardem has a chance to upset. Just don’t count on it.

Best Director
David Fincher (The Social Network) – Every single nominee deserves the win here, but it’ll go to Fincher. He was masterful in creating the movie that defines a generation.

Best Picture
The Social Network – This will be close. So close. With all due respect to the other great nominees, its Fincher’s year.

The Social Network and Work Music

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The Social Network is a piece of art that our generation will never forget. It blows my mind to think about how insanely huge Facebook is, and how a couple of 19 year old’s came about making it. The story (though it was fiction) is just amazing to watch unfold.

Purchasing the dvd of this film is something everyone should get around to doing. Everything from the boxing to the menus are perfect but the real gem is in the boatloads of beefy special features…including a great 4 part documentary on the making of the film, which I just finished watching. It has some great character insight, thoughts from all the cast and crew and really immerses you into the grueling process of making a movie. The writer, Aaron Sorkin explains how this is a modern day equivalent to one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. It is all about jealousy, friendship and betrayal.

Staying on the topic of this film, recently I’ve found myself addicted to the soundtrack/score. It’s been the only thing I’ve listened to while I’ve been writing my post World War III short film for a class in school (more info on that soon) and suggest you check it out. The composers, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross are musical geniuses. I didn’t know much about either of them before, but I did use Ross’ ‘Panoramic’ track from the Book of Eli soundtrack on my Graduation Video.

Here are my personal favourites from the album.

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