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Another digital art piece, final assignment for Art & Creativity class.

Abstract video art. Theme: Power

See more at www.youtube.com/termfourarchive

The Sweet Request – Behind the Scenes

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IMG_2166IMG_2128IMG_2132IMG_2133the manIMG_2136

Here are some photos from behind the scenes of The Sweet Request, a 3 minute horror short film.

It’s Mine

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A digital art piece thematically based on identity.
Watch more here.


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Spending my Friday night struggling to finish off the first draft of my screenplay for my final project at VFS Foundation program.
Having a tough time getting the dialogue and flow of it just right.

Can’t wait to finish this off and get on with the rest of pre-production.

Write to the End

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Here’s an excerpt from an early draft of my 2-3 minute short script we are working on for our writing class, I’m enjoying it so far. We’ve worked with many different styles of creating a story, for this one we start with the ending and work backwards.


Alone in the drivers seat is BROOKS who pauses for a moment and sighs as he shuts off his truck and pulls his keys out of the ignition. Brooks is small, friendly looking old man with glasses who has seen better days. He wears a white button up shirt that matches his hair colour with a striped blue and red tie. It is unclear whether he is coming home from work or if he thinks he was at a work.

He leans over the steering wheel as much as his back allows him to while he perks his eyes up to try and see the moon. Brooks cracks a small smile but it quickly diminishes as he grunts in pain from over extending his back. He leans back into his seat and sighs once more. Brooks grabs his suit jacket and briefcase off the torn up passenger seat and exits his truck.

Inspired by Pixar animated shorts.

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